The Avaya SD Media Server is the processing element for your Avaya G , G, or G media gateway. Features. SD Features; Intel Core 2 Duo U processor running Linux; 80 GB HDD; 4 GB DRAM; 3 USB ports (1 USB port supports a readable. An Avaya SD Server with a gateway and the gateways media modules converge voice and data into one infrastructure.

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To do so, you will connect your services computer to the Ethernet port on the S Media Server and use the Web interface to assign an IP address and other networking information to the S Media Server.

The S Media Server will occupy slot V1 in a separate G Media Gateway, its installation will proceed in the same way as the primary installation, and the administration will be similar. Again, your planning documentation will provide the information you will need to configure the S Media Server. On the left pane of the screen is a menu of options.

From that menu you will avayw the various functions that you need to perform. Several sequences of tasks are organized as wizards; Configure Server is one of these wizards.

Follow the screen directions from beginning to end to complete the task. There is an extensive online help utility that addresses each screen avata the fields on those screens.


S8300 Server

Avaay, you will proceed through the series of screens presented to you from the option Configure Server. When you have set the Date and Time, proceed to the Configure Server set of options on the left pane of the main menu.

The Configure Server page appears.

You will page through a series of screens, starting with Review Notices. The first screen, describes the process you will be completing.

The appropriate response is Continue. The next screen is the Back Up Data Notice screen that reminds you to create a backup. On initial installation, a backup is unnecessary, but if you are reconfiguring a system already in operation, you will perform a backup. Enter the hostname indicated in the planning documentation and click Continue. The Configure Local Survivable Processor screen appears.

Use this screen to allow the server, if it is an LSP, to register with the primary controller. Assuming that there are duplicated servers for S, you must enter both of the S IP addresses. The Ethernet Adjuncts screen appears. If you configure an external DNS server, the DNS will be an extra device that, if not working properly, can cause delays in S access.

The next screen, Static Network Routeswould only be used if the customer has defined additional routes for IP packets other than through the default gateway. Leave these entries blank, unless the planning documentation supplies routing information.

You will be able to make the following choices, according to the planning documentation:.


Avaya S8300D Media Server (700463532)

You will need data from the customer’s LAN administrator to complete the fields: If a keys file is necessary, you will have to download the file to the appropriate directory.

The Modem IP Address is assigned by services and should be included in your planning document. The next Warning screen indicates that the data entry process has concluded and that the system is ready to be configured. At the Updating System Files you may watch the progress of the configuration. Serrver the process is complete, you will receive a notification. Click Close Window srver continue the configuration of the G Media Gateway on the command line interface.

Avaya SD V4 Media Server Card for G G G etc at

You have now configured the Avaya S Media Server. Call your service support center. To accept the certificate for the current session only using Internet Explorer: To accept the certificate for this and future sessions. To accept the Certificate using the Netscape Navigator. On the Security Alert dialog box: When you have successfully logged in, you s830d0 reach the main menu.