Danfoss thermostatically operated valve type AVTA, BVTS, WVS, WVTS, FJVA and thermal safety valves are often discribed as fit and forget valves due to their. 2. Danfoss A/S Thermostatically operated cooling water valves. Type AVTA. Contents. Page. Introduction. N Danfoss AVTA 25 – with adsorption charge AVTA thermostatic valves are widely used for temperature control in many different sorts of equipment.

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AVTA is designed for cooling systems in industrial applications. Go to career section Working at Danfoss. If you need a very accurate figure, you should check the temperature setting with a thermometer. Danfoss internal standards demand our products resistance to such temperature due to transport reason. They open on rising application temperature. It opens at rising temperature and is therefore a good solution for a cooling function.

Thermostatic valves type AVTA work independent from media differential pressure up to 10 bar.

Danfoss AVTA / B Thermostatically Operated Valve With Capillary Sensor – M and M Controls

See or internet product catalogue for options. Proportional Asco Numatics Valves.

Asco Joucomatic Air Operated Valves. Heavy Fuel Oil Solenoid Valves. Deionized water is an aggressive medium and can have bad influence on brass housing of the valve.

Permissible working pressure for the WVTS valve is 10 bar.

Danfoss CS Pressure Switch. Go to About section Our Engineering. Asco Joucomatic Air Service Equipment. Danfoss Group Global English U.

  ISO 9445-2 PDF

003N3132 AVTA 20 Danfoss Thermostatic valve 0-30°C

Asco Dust Collector Systems. To ensure thermal conductivity between the sensor and the immersion pocket wall, it is recommended to use heat-conductive compound, available as an danfoes under the code number E 5 g or E g.

Controller closes on rising temperature. We recommend the armoured version of capillary tube. Danfoss MBT Sensor. Thermostatic valves valves are NC – normally closed. Danfoss RT Differential Switch.

The valve is commonly used in connection with hydraulic stations, and is often named the “fit and forget” valve, due to its immense reliability, proven throughout decades. Type of the charge and whether sensor is in contact with liquid media or air. Sirai Solenoid Valves – General Purpose. This action agta be done even with the water in the system. Sirai Solenoid Valves – Total Isolation.

AVTA, Thermostatic valves with temperature sensitive sensor

Danfoss Nessie Solenoid Valves. Very high grade DI water will erode brass fast around 6 months and low quality DI will give a slow gradual attack on the brass.

AVTA, Thermostatic valves with temperature sensitive sensor AVTA thermostatic operated water valves are widely used for temperature control in many different sorts of equipment and installations where cooling is required. Be social Take part. Instead the FJVA valve reacts to temperature of water flow danfos the valve body itself. Yes, AVTA is a great solution for biomass boilers above kW, preventing overheating of the boiler. If the noise comes from the valve body, it may mean that the opening degree of the valve cone is too small.


Vacuum Service Asco Valves. Danfoss Temperature Sensors – Marine. The production date stamp is placed on the valve body.

Please see our internet catalogue for relevant code numbers. We recommend using NBR diaphragms for oil as cooling medium. Xanfoss AVTA valve opens at rising temperature cooling application.

Danfoss AVTA Thermostatically Operated Valve With Capillary Sensor – M&M Controls Danfoss – ASCO

Danfoss Pressure Transmitters – Marine. Yes, you can order the complete thermostatic element for each type of AVTA. Pressure above this level can influence valve functionality. Danfoss RT Differential Switches. Danfoss Nessie Manual Valves. If you do not know the water flow rate required, there is a table which will help you determine it, but you will need to know the required capacity of heat removal in refrigeration tons TR or in KW.

Asco Joucomatic Manually Operated Valves. Only the adsorption charge type sensor can be installed in any direction. Therefore, when ordering, please specify the need for the certificate. Danfoss Electronic Motor Contactors. Namur Based Asco Valves.