Aamar kache besh kich indrajal comics ache ja ekhane nai kintu amar kachey scanner nai. kichu din somoy dao jatay scanner purchase kore pdf format a. Amar kache dekhlam kichu Bengali Indrajal Comics 2 copy kore ache. ami ogulo onyo kono collector er sathe exchange korte chai. Comic # Bengali Indrajal Comics(No): Bahadur meets Bela in the Sada Bhuter Adda(সাদা ভূতের আড্ডা). Friends,yesterday was the.

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Walker-Thank you very much for your appreciation. What else could kids have asked for during the 80’s and 90’s? I have read in many blogs about college street being the hub for Indrajals. What is your first Indrajal Comics? How is the comic scene in Kolkata now?


Rip Kirby-Have always been fascinated by detective stories and it was no surprise that I got hooked on to the adventures of Rip kirby. Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 6: Anonymous 5 August at Anonymous 21 February at Only last week, I happened to pass by a raddiwala in the Juhu market who had a huge stockpile of odd assorted Indrajal comics. Anonymous 26 November at The final haul was Phantom and 48 Mandrake comics.


Friday, February 15, Comic Could it be uploaded in this manner please?

I start to read Indrajal Comics at age of 9 or Still remember rushing home from school day after day and eagerly inquiring with my mom if the VPP from diamond had arrived,starting the second week of every month! A string of Black Pearls, first time in Bengali version as I promised.

Arijit Biswas 31 July at I have been overwhelmed before all this bookswith wonder and joy. I want the phone no. Yes,I know many don’t like Flash or this desi hero,but i am interested to know their reason Monday, June 14, Al Williamson has passed away. I have some hardcopies.

The price of the comic was a princely 0. Father of 1st Phantom who was the cabin boy of Christopher Columbus founded this mountain with his friend Caribo begnali they climbed it. I wish I had known if this mountain influence Lee Falk to get the idea of Walker’s table. Why I read Indrajal Comics? Surprisingly I noticed that it is different from my english copy. Aftercoimcs price was raised to Rs.

Sarbapratham je indrajal comics ami hate peyechhilam, actualy duto boi amake diye chhilo bandhu Bengalu Sen, boi dutor nam ” Abagunthita” and “daineer Dandha”.


After Twenty Years, I saw person who born after stopping IJC also interested in those comics and spend huge money for collecting Indrajal comics. They told me earlier.

I was only in class three and one day I saw some boys force to move out. Reminded my childhood memories.

Anonymous 2 April at In eng 22 “A string of Black Pearls” is 28 pages. Indra 28 December at Thank you so much friends for doing such a great work.

Phantom-One of the very first superhero like character that I was exposed to during my childhood first through Diamond Comics and then through Indrajal. As far as Indrajal goes,I think I have around odd comics.

Bengali Comics and Books: Bengali Indrajal Comics

And most funny thing is that,while that seller served me the much needed encouragement,he himself never insrajal a single copy for me,being a really small-scale seller!!

I have stumbled upon a long lost treasure thanks to u. Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 3: I actually do not have much of DC in my collection.