Abstract A week study was conducted to evaluate the productive performance of Bovans White laying hens fed high-nutrient-density diets under Egyptian. Body weight males (g). Average feed consumption. BOVANS WHITE PARENT STOCK. Age in weeks. BOVANS WHITECOMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT GUIDE INTRODUCTION Many years of genetic research have developed layers with excellent production.

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So, the reduced feed intake of hens fed the HND4 diet might be attributed to the increased nutrient density of the diet rather than to the effect of heat stress per se. If you are ready to take your business to the next level or are already one of the many satisfied customers looking for technical services get in touch with us today. Working with Japanese quail, Rabie et al.

With roots in family farming, we continue to value hard work, cooperation, and vitality in everything we do. Bovans Parent Stock We are proud to offer Bovans at the parent stock level. A control diet was composed based on yellow corn, soybean meal and corn gluten meal to meet or exceed the nutrient requirements of Bovans White laying hensas suggested by the Bovans White Management Guide CPI. Nutrient Requirements of Poultry.

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On the other hand, Wu et al. Also, Bovnas et al. Productive performance of laying hens: Although average egg weight during the entire experimental period was not affected by dietary treatments Table 2an improvement was observed in egg weight concurrent with increases in percent albumen, yolk index, Haugh units and shell thickness Table 3. World Egg Day Mortality was also monitored daily during the whole experimental period.


In later study, Marie et al.

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In contrast to the present results, Zhang and Kim evaluated the effects of feeding the laying hens two dietary energy levels vs. Effects of probiotic supplementation in different energy and nutrient density diets on performance, egg quality, excreta microflora, excreta noxious gas emission and serum cholesterol concentrations shite laying hens.

Bovans Brown Bivans information. Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, It is established that MDA is formed as an end product of lipid peroxidation and therefore, the extent to which lipid peroxidation occurs by reactive oxygen species can be monitored by the level of MDA. Four high-nutrient-density diets were also compounded to contain However, egg weight, percent albumen, shell thickness, yolk index and Haugh units were positively affected due to feeding the high nutrient density diets compared with those of the control group.

Multiple range and multiple F tests. Connect with us If you are ready to take your business to the next level or are already one of the many satisfied customers looking for technical services get in touch with us today. The lack of significant differences in nutrient digestibility of laying hens in response to feeding high-nutrient-density diets, under the conditions of the present study, coincides with the observed similarity in their achieved productive performance Table 2since dietary treatments had no effect on either feed intake or feed conversion ratio.

In harmony with the present results, Danicke et al. They found that egg production was not affected by dietary energy or nutrient density but hens fed the high-energy and high-nutrient-density diets had significantly less daily feed intake than those fed the low-energy and low-nutrient-density diets throughout the experimental period. Samples of experimental diets and dried droppings were chemically analyzed according to the official methods of analysis AOAC.

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The observed insignificant differences in most blood parameters of Bovans White laying hensexamined herein, in response to feeding the high-nutrient-density diets agree with the results of Rabie et al. Inconsistent results in the scientific literature on the nutrient digestibility in laying hens due to feeding diets of varying nutrient concentration could be related to many factors, such as heat tress conditions constant high temperature s vs.

Information on management and nutrition in different housing systems is available through our brand websites wbite from your sales representative. Nutrient digestibility of the experimental diets: Influence of calcium and environmental temperature on performance of first-cycle Phase 1 commercial Leghorns.

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Feeding the high nutrient density diets exerted no positive effect on productive performance of hens, digestibility of nutrients dry matterorganic mattercrude proteinether extract, crude fiber, nitrogen-free extract and ash retention whiet, some egg quality traits and most blood parameters examined but positively affected weight change, percent albumen, shell thickness, yolk index and Haugh units.

Absorption of protein, fatty acids and minerals in young turkeys under heat and cold stress. IsmailHayam M. Recently, De Persio et al.