A Christian Bahira legend. Richard Gottheil. Published Online: | DOI: Bahira or Sergius the Monk to the Latin West, was an Arab Arian, Nestorian or possibly Gnostic In the Christian tradition Bahira became a heretical monk, whose errant views inspired the Qur’an. K. Szilágyi, Muhammad and the Monk: The Making of the Christian Baḥīrā Legend, Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam A Christian Bahira legend. Main Author: Gottheil, Richard J. H. Language(s): English. Published: New York, Note: Reprint from Zeitschrift für.

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The mass of va- riants would have been simply bewildering. The city of his birth is there given as Shushan. I was, also, tried hard i See above, p. Then will come the Turks, who are the cristian of the wolf.

He will creep upon the earth, and will swallow everything without pity. I went after him’ to heaven. Certain Arabist authors maintain that Bahira’s works formed the basis of those parts of the Qur’an that conform to the principles of Christianity, while the rest was introduced either by subsequent compilers such as Uthman Ibn Affan or contemporary Jews and Arabs.

There will be famished ones and captives, and frightful persecutions and. For god called Assyria a rod. Sefer Divrei Yosef, p. From her the Messiah was born in human shape, though in person he was really a God. They will go to the land of promise. These ideas were no more uniform than the community that cre- ated them. They will make many people tributary. The Seljuks founded their first real kingdom under To- ghral Beg died I saw a panther, clothed in garments of blood, [co- ming] on the West wind.


One can not comprehend or recount the words of praise sung to the one and only Trinity — Father, Son and Holy Ghost chrkstian saying: It came and went to the East and the West, the North and the Souths and rested in the land of Babylon.

There are in Paradise four rivers, one of wine, one of milk, one of honey, and one of cool water. They accepted the invitation, leaving the boy to guard the camel. Volume 61 Issue 1 Janpp. Now, after this, 6 I, iSo’yabh the monk, went around this meant?

How could a maiden conceive without copulation? And in all the places where there is dust from the bodies of men, [this dust] will come to life. I saw also a chariot, decked out with all manner of beautiful things.

Brill Online, []. He will possess a great kingdom. Islam is a human creation here; Bah. About the monk Bah.

A Christian Bahira Legend

Volume 24 Issue Jahresband Janpp. Man, in whom God dwelt: There will be a great persecution, the like of which has never occurred. These are the only options: Roggema has shown that the earlier of the two accessible manuscripts of A1 was the Vorlage of the later cf.

The angel said to me, “this is the kingdom of the Ishmaelites”. The angel said to me, Go to Maurice, king of the Ro- mans; break thy rod before him and say to him: The Ikhshide dynasty founded by Mohammed al Ikhshld was made up of five kings — I would also like to thank Professors Michael Cook and Sarah Stroumsa for their comments on this paper.


Its Syriac text is corrupt in all three manuscripts used for the edition of ES, and WS contains no parallel to it. I heard the songs of the angels praising the Ancient of Days, with much praise and immeasurable pains.

The Arabic texts have “like a dog”.

This phenomenon should make one careful when dating the polemical material of a work. Who is the Messiah?

Gorgias Press. A Christian Bahira Legend

How did he die? In addition, the Christian Bah. This story is found in late chronicles, like that of Michael the Syrian and the Chronicle to the yearbut probably goes back to Theophilus of Edessa through Dionysius of Tell Mah.

That the three accounts stem from the pen of at least two copyists is shown by the dif- ferent lengths of a: A cross will be raised up and will support the heavens. In E1 ,60 however, the monk depicts his actions in darker colors: Volume 43 Issue Janpp. Mercy will disappear from among men; parents having no com- passion upon their children, and children showing no pity for their parents; brother not keeping faith with brother.

This is the disci- pline of the sons of Hashem over the whole earth.