The Tzimisce are a clan of scholars and flesh-shapers. Contents[show] Overview If one were to described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably. Clan Tzimisce is a major villainous bloodline in the White Wolf Studio RPG Vampire: The Masquerade and its larger franchise, “The World Of Darkness”. One of. The Tzimisce are the most overtly monstrous and least pronounceable clan in Vampire: The Masquerade (Unless you are Greek, it’s the name.

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At a casual glance or a brief conversation a Tzimisce appears to be one of the more pleasant vampires.

Clan Tzimisce

Login or Sign Up Log in with. Views Read Edit View history. His life before the Embrace is unknown and considered irrelevant to the notoriously anti-human Tzimisce, though many believe that he was once a mage and seer of immense power. And like you say; the Children of the Dracon seem to be ok with the Antediluvian and Vicissitude but dislike Kupala and Koldunism, while members of a a sect that really don’t like the Antediluvian. They have Dominate in-clan, not Koldunism, you know.

Tzimisce rarely Embrace capriciously; choice of childer reflects on the sire, and thus Fiends choose only those mortals who they feel have the capacity to improve the clan as a whole. For this reason, Tzimisce are extremely reluctant to travel and fiercely territorial. They are a group of Voivodes in Eastern Europe that refused to join the Anarchs but were too entrenched in their mountain fastnesses to be overthrown.

As with all Clans, the history of the Tzimisce is not entirely known, and often obscured by legends, misconceptions and outright fabrications by Elders determined to conceal their darker secrets. You either need to get rid of them, simply make them anti-Sabbat Tzimisce, or create your own unique reasons why they are split off. They hate the Camarilla but they hate the Tremere much more, because of the fact that the Usurpers used Tzimisce blood when they became vampires in the first place.

VtM – WhiteWolf: Genealogy — Tzimisce

As with all End Times books set in the World Of Darkness, the creators note that its inclusion is up to the players, who are free to create their own Gehenna storylines if they are so inclined. Due to the barely-restrained rivalries between broods, it was common for the Viceroy to meet a violent death at the hands of his successor, who would in turn meet an equally-brutal demise at the hands of his successor.

If I remember correctly, it’s even hinted that Kupala herself might have been the responsible for the Tzimisce’s clan weakness, which enforces the fact that most if not all Old Clan members reside in the Carpathians and rarely leave, wether it’s because their magics work stronger there, or due to an increased weakness out of these lands or a mix of the two.


Login or Sign Up Log in with. Already aware that an entire planet of humans would have been able to wipe them out even while they were at full strength, the weakness they suffer by this stages forces the Clans to begin uniting under one banner for mutual protection while they attempt to clsn. The Sabbat mostly just leaves them alone to brood in castles and pretend like the Vovoidate is still a thing.


Basically the young ones hang around a single estate or apartment furnished by their servants, they are can of their humans and insular lords of their keeps. Lambach tried to warn the rest of the Sabbat, but he found himself met with skepticism from every single member of Kindred society; despairing, he took to feeding off drug addicts and alcoholics in an attempt to forget what he’d seen through stolen intoxication – even as Tzimisce vampires all over the city began to vanish Visitors to a Tzimisce’s domain might shudder to think that the hairless albino peering in their window is taimisce the same as the identical hairless albino who greeted them at the train station – and that neither is the same as the hairless albino who welcomes them to clah Fiend’s sanctum.

Twenty years later, the Second World War continued this trend by proving tzimice a time of great experimentation and recruitment, for though Nazism was not widely accepted among the Clan, many Tzimisce gleefully exploited Hitler’s rise tzimsce power and the conflict it fostered: Your ad here, right now: Of all the clans whose members prowl the nights of the Victorian era, none so tzimisde embody the popular, Romantic myth of the vampire as the Tzimisce – at least on the surface.

Yet it should be very natural for the Giovanni, to learn it, equally Fortitude is no longer in-clan discipline, for the Giovanni, yet, it was for thousand of year, for the Cappadocian which the Giovanni are.

But even in the face of so many military incursions, the Clan and the country continued to weather the storm through a mixture of Vicissitude, magic, and carefully enforced alliances between Voivodes.

You have come to my domain – the land where I am the law for Cainites as well as kine.

Realize, upstarts, that agony properly administered can make an instant seem like an eternity, and that an eternity of eternities is a long time in which to suffer. Search in titles only.

Such truculence seems common in any domain where more than one Tzimisce tzimise a haven with others. Then, ina tzomisce of travelling mages was set upon by a pack of hungry Tzimisce, and in discovering the long-hidden existence of vampires, the mage Goratrix had found the perfect means of regaining their immortality.


This article’s content is marked as Mature. It’s most likely a discipline first tzimmisce by the Tzimisce Antediluvian. When the waters finally receded, the Clan soon found itself at war with the other vampire Clans seeking new dominions throughout the area, most prominently the Nosferatu; having grown intensely territorial by now, the Tzimisce were enraged at the lack of respect shown their dominion, and took to making tzimiece examples of any intruding Kindred For millennia the Fiends have explored and refined their understanding of the vampiric condition, bending their bodies and thoughts Into new and alien patterns.

As the Clan and its mortal vassals made homes tzimiisce themselves across the Carpathians and its surrounding lands, they met significant resistance from the local werewolves, the most prominent of which were the Shadow Lords tribe.

Mental Attributes are most prized among the clan. The Path of Metamorphosis see Vampire: However, this decline was not universal: Overview When one thinks of the barbarous lands, places untouched by the Victorian progress and largely unchanged since the feudal brutality of the Dark Ages, one cannot help but think of Eastern Europe, even in this enlightened time.

Help Contact Us Go to top. Were they to learn the truth, it would likely horrify them, as these are no parlor tricks or table-thumping seances – these are the desires of alien minds seeking to put all that is human and compassionate behind clna and to embrace the inknowable horror that lies beyond.

Vampire: The Dark Ages – CLAN TZIMISCE

Given their territoriality and dependence on their native soil, many tizmisce Tzimisce were reluctant to leave their havens in Eastern Europe; instead, it was once again the younger Tzimisce that took the initiative, journeying across the seas to find new hunting grounds amidst the Thirteen Colonies.

If this cannot be done or clqn their sires refuse it, the may rebel out of frustration, scheming against the Cainites who made them vampires to begin with. It is not uncommon for a voivode or bishop to have several Cainites dwelling inthe domain she claims as her own, even extending into the lands beyond the city or the village proper.

Please check out my artwork for ExaltedVampire: Exceeding their fellow Sabbat in their contempt for mortals, they have divorced themselves from all but the vaguest semblances of human behavior and morality – to the point that many elders seemingly cannot comprehend mercy.