cl_document_bcs->add_attachment – TEXT attachment has an extra line > Hello all, > > When sending an email with TEXT attachments. **add attachment name CLEAR L_ATTSUBJECT. DATA: LO_DOCUMENT TYPE REF TO CL_DOCUMENT_BCS VALUE IS INITIAL. DATA document TYPE REF TO cl_document_bcs. document = cl_document_bcs=>create_document( document->add_attachment.

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Summary Explains More information. There are few methods which are used in these class for preparing these mails which is discussed in detail below Step in Preparing the Mail Step 1: Summary This article helps zdd_attachment achieve BW statistics of add_attcahment system which will help a user to calculate the performance for a particular. Enter Text on Image. For more information, visit the Enterprise Resource Planning homepage.

Step by step procedure to learn how to send an Email with attachment of any Format. Summary This document will provide. A sending process breaks down into the following steps: Summary These documents describe. Add_atrachment Through this document the reader. Guidelines for Effective Data Migration Applies to: For more information, visit the Business Intelligence homepage. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Step by Step Process of Preparing with HTML body and HTML Attachment

Summary The document will demonstrate step by step solution to set up alerts in a process chain by creating emails More information. For more information; visit the Enterprise. For more information, visit the SOA Management add_attachmet.


Summary This article gives a detailed. Summary This article describes how to create custom overview page in ESS and assigning the. A chart with the actual text resp.

Loop the contents from final fieldcatlog table and assign the value to this variable. The name of the attachment. This is the contents which need to be displayed in the body of the mail and in binary format which is also an optional parameter.

Adlin Sundararaj More add_ahtachment. Technically email is a binary document, we need to add document to the email object. Your work will be apprenticed. In this development tip we add_attachmen concentrate on sending an e-mail with attachment only. Subject of the Email. Different Types of Alerts for Process Chains.

Understanding BEx Query Designer: Summary This article drives you with. The exporting parameter return is set to X when the mail sending was successful.

Use information on this site at your own risk. The method used here for creating and Emailing an attachment is very lucid i. We can send email body of characters per line, email body might be more than characters, so we need to pass it in the form of lines in an internal table see example below. Creating Transaction and Screen Variants Applies to: In this case you can also use loop the fieldcatlog table and assign the headings to it.

Summary This article contains. Please do Clarify on this point.

Summary This article gives the idea about Architecture of. Summary This article will be helpful to. This is an optional parameter. Once the internal table is populated with the add_attadhment data it can be used to create the attachment and send it via Email. Now we will be adding the heading for the heading of the body of the mail.


In order to Frame the body of the Email we can create Text Symbols with the texts to be used in the body of the Email. For more information, visit the Business Cl_docmuent_bcs. So it will have the effect of HTML format. Sample code how to create the persistent request using this method of the class. For more information, visit the EDW homepage Summary Adx_attachment article demonstrates step by step process of creating More information.

See Note for brief explanation.

cl_document_bcs=>add_attachment is blank

Summary The frequent question will add_attxchment into your mind More information. Emerald Hardy 2 years ago Views: U need to attach document form local system and that document must be attched and sent to the recipient through mail. Below, I have attached a demo Program for sending attachment of any format via Email. Create attachment with attachment name, attachment type ex: