Dec 7, Jacobus de Teramo – The Devil Belial before the Gates of Hell, from ‘Das Buch Belial’, published in Augsburg, Jul 31, Jacobus de Teramo – The Devil Belial before the Gates of Hell, from ‘Das Buch Belial’, published in Augsburg, Manuscript: BNU Ms Das Buch Belial; Folio: r; Dating: ; From: Germany (exact location unknown); Holding Institution: Strasbourg.

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Click on detail from image or use link for full version. From Aurelius Augustinaus’ De Trinitate. The demon Belial appearing with his entourage of four lesser demons before King Solomon.

Belial presenting his credentials to Solomon.

From Das Buch Belial. Belial dancing before Solomon. Belial returning to the gates of Hell.

Manuscript Miniatures: BNU Ms Das Buch Belial

Angels defending the Citadel of Heaven against the hordes of the Devil. From Celifodina’s Scripturae Thesaurusprinted by B. Death and the lady. Demon causing women to gossip during Mass. Demons keeping score on the babbling of women during Mass. From Ritter von Turn.


Demon carrying off a child promised to the Devil. The demon of Vanity and the coquette. Demonic grotesque initial T.

Drawing after a calligraphic manuscript. An evil spirit as a black bird whispering into the ear of a magician. From Hortus Delicarum11th century.

Manuscript Miniatures

Drawing after a manuscript illustration. The Pope as Satan.

A Herill or Schweynwal, a boar-like whale sighted north of the Orkneys in according to Olaus Magnus. Mors, the Angel of Death. Drawing after a minature belual a manuscript. Orchestra of the dead.


Christ breaking down the gates of Purgatory. Drawing after a miniature in a manuscript.

Possessed woman, praying, is redeemed from the Demons of the Seven deadly Sins. Drawing after a miniature in a manuscript Bible.

Medieval Macabre Image 04

Sea-Pan, or sea-satyr, or bich, or ichthyocentaur; drawing based on a skeleton and mummies. Rouleau mortuaire de Saint Vital12th century. Condemned souls of sinners are carried by demons to their place of punishment. And don’t forget to visit: