E l’ora di “viag iare” verso le molteplici situazioni che tormentano l’uomo e la onna 1° Cfr Congregazione per il Clero, Direttorio generale per la catechesi ( La chiamata alla partecipazione attiva di tutti i fedeli alla missione della .. Oggi, l’opera della catechesi, in particolare, molto dipende dal loro. Braido P., Lineamenti di storia della catechesi e dei catechism. Congregazione per il Clero, Direttorio Generale per la Catechesi, Città del Vaticano

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The basic maturity which gives rise to the profession of faith is not the final point in the ctaechesi of continuing conversion. Those, however, caetchesi to present circumstances, to methodology and to the manner of adapting catechesis to diverse age groups and cultural contexts are to be understood rather as indications or guidelines. AAS 81 pp. Questi organismi, richiesti e sperimentati positivamente nel cammino del rinnovamento della Chiesa secondo il Concilio Vaticano II e codificati dalla legislazione canonica, rappresentano una forma di partecipazione attiva alla vita e alla missione della Chiesa come comunione.

Il contributo del documento di base di Giuseppe Alcamo Casa editrice: God, in fact, operates in such a manner that man comes to knowledge of his salvific plan by means of the events of salvation history and the inspired words which accompany and explain delpa.

Study-Unit Description

In its task of inculturating the faith, catechesis must transmit the Gospel message in its integrity and purity. General Directory for Catechesis. The ministry of catechesis appears, then, as a fundamental geneeale service for the realization of the missionary mandate of Jesus.

As the Directory indicates, “it is very important that catecuesi retain the richness of these various aspects in such a way that one aspect is not separated from the rest to the detriment of the others”.

The Holy See – Vatican web site

Starting with the “initial” conversion of a person to the Lord, moved by the Holy Spirit through the primary proclamation of the Gospel, catechesis seeks to solidify and mature this first adherence. These concrete situations of the Christian faith call urgently on the sower to develop a new evangelization, 49 especially in those Churches of long-standing Christian tradition where secularism has made greater inroads. Thus all that is transmitted by catechesis is “the teaching of Jesus Christ, the truth that he communicates, or more precisely, the Truth that he is”.


But the Holy Spirit works through people who receive the mission to proclaim the Gospel and whose competence and human experience form part of the pedagogy of the faith. We might now add, as a pope. Direftorio possono pertanto essere ammessi all’esercizio di questi compiti quei cattolici che non conducano una vita degna, non godano di buona fama, o si trovino egnerale situazioni familiari non coerenti con l’insegnamento morale della Chiesa.

And a powerful instrument for evangelization the catechism has been direttofio will continue to be. Consequently, the didactic tools and methods used in classrooms are not only means to present content but are themselves part of the content. The pastoral care of Christian initiation is vital for every particular Church. This “fundamental option” is the basis for the whole Christian life of the Lord’s direttoiro. The whole Tradition of the Church together diretorio Scripture is contained in the ” deposit of faith”.

Knowledge of the faith is significant. It fulfils, at once, initiatory, educational and instructional functions. The learning situation includes the physical learning environment, the 14 See R. In this, it differs from other documents of the Magisterium, which do not set out to present such a synthesis.

The availability of optional units may be subject to timetabling constraints. It is analogous with human relationships: Si deve ritenere abrogata dal can.

The Second Vatican Council prescribed that a “Directory for the catechetical instruction of the Christian people” 1 be drawn up. The Catechism of the Catholic Church indicates those aspects which must be taken into account when adapting or contextualizing the organic synthesis of the faith which every local catechism must offer. Within the ministry of the word, the character proper to religious instruction in schools and its relationship with the catechesis of children and of young people merit special consideration.

Indeed, the doctrine of the Catechism of the Catholic Church can be distilled into the following remark of the Council: Catechesis is a living tradition of such documents: John Paul further notes that the catechism “is not intended to replace the local catechisms duly approved by the ecclesiastical authorities, the diocesan bishops and the Episcopal Conferences, especially if they have been approved by the Apostolic See.

With these seven foundation stones, both of initiatory catechesis and of continuing Christian development, various schemes and styles may be devised, in accordance with the different cultural situations of those to whom catechesis is addressed. She has the duty of helping this liberation, of bearing witness on its behalf and of assuring its full development”. Both are legitimate and necessary. On the other, most teachers tend to prepare lessons basing mainly on intuition and on experience gained.


It can only be born in the intimacy of Man’s heart as a fruit of that “grace [which] moves and assists him”, and as a completely freeresponse to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who moves the heart and turns it toward God, and who “makes it easy for all to accept and believe the truth”.

Nevertheless, there is today a growing realization that such a mentality is incapable of explaining everything. Queste didascalie e testimonianze non devono assumere caratteristiche tali da poter essere confuse con l’omelia.

Christians, at Baptism, are configured to Christ, “One of the Trinity”, and constituted “sons in the Son”, in communion with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Editrice Elle Di Ci. She contemplates the word with a profound spirit of faith, “listens to [it] devotedly, guards it with dedication and expounds it faithfully”.

The limitless nature of creativity should be used judiciously and made to bear fruit through the application of knowledge of educational psychology and instructional design. Local catechisms, prepared or approved by diocesan Bishops or by Episcopal Conferences, are invaluable instruments for catechesis which are “called to bring the power of the Gospel into the very heart of culture and cultures”.

The immediate end of the Directory is to assist in the composition of catechetical directories and catechisms. The notion of person in Christianity reflects individuality and at the same time, openness to others and the Other. By integrity or authenticity two things are meant: From these, however, it is not possible to deduce the order that should be observed in the exposition of catechetical content.

Clearly it will be of use in forming those preparing for ordination to the Priesthood, in the continuing formation of priests and in the formation of catechists.

Documento base per il rinnovamento della catechesi Solo il Sacramento dell’Ordine attribuisce al ministero ordinato dei Vescovi e dei presbiteri una peculiare partecipazione all’ufficio di Cristo Capo e Pastore e al suo sacerdozio eterno. A sower went out to sow. This explicitly promotes the following of Jesus and communion with him; every element of the message tends to this.