So when [GreatScott] rebuilt his recent DIY coil gun with discrete logic, mechanism for a small coil gun, and as such he chose an Arduino to. How to Make a Coilgun. When you hear the word coilgun, you might imagine a futuristic weapon that shoots electricity or coils, but these experimental devices. A coil-gun uses a magnetic field to accelerate a bullet up to projectile speed. Jason’s uses a bank of recycled rechargeable laptop batteries to.

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You will need to experiment with the initial position of the projectile to achieve the highest velocities. Every now and then a DIY project surfaces on the Internet that’s so cool we have to share it, especially those we coklgun probably recommend you not try at home. Aim at a non-living, useless object and press the trigger.

If my project needs to work reliably 50 years from now without me around, then I will look elsewhere. The EM coil gun design can be used as a starting point for more advanced experimentation.

Electromagnetic Coil Gun Project | Nuts & Volts Magazine

The other two wires the other capacitor wire and the other diu wire will be connected whenever you turn on the coilgun. Coil gun systems www. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

When power is applied to the circuit by switch S1, resistor R2 initiates transistor Q1 to turn on and conduct a current of 12 volts DC through the primary winding 10 turns of the transformer.

It should fit well inside the pvc pipe, but not too squeezed. I suggest you use this plugin to create your safe space since this is obviously a trigger word for you. Connect the 12 volt battery pack, fire switch, accelerator coil, and capacitor bank to the circuit board. Are you upset doy you were forced to read this article some how? We’re not even sure where this battery-powered projectile slinger falls with respect to your state’s gun laws, but perhaps the best advice we can offer is what’s plastered to the side of the coilgun’s receiver: What better way to get acquainted with this futuristic technology than to build your own foilgun gun!


Now, insert the magnetic projectile in the one inch end of the coil, or the back end. But when taken to task for that design choice, he rose to the challenge and designed a controller using discrete NAND and NOR gates, some RS latches, and a couple of comparators.

The completed capacitor bank is shown in Figure 9.

Dr. Monk’s DIY Electronics Blog: DIY Coilgun

It could be done simpler AND better. It was claimed that the gun could fire rounds per minute using a series of electromagnets positioned along the barrel. The potentiometer is used to set the exact voltage level on the capacitor bank when calibrating and using the rifle. Or he could have used a and saved a whole bunch of other components as well, seeing the chip is well capable of driving the FETs directly.

The transformer is now complete. I like that he took up the challenge to replace the microcontroller with more discrete components. With that capacitor, not very.

You can play with that. Three of the coilhun projectiles that I have used with success are shown in Figure Try designing a system with multiple coils, capacitor banks, and a switching device. There is a battery in this circuit. Cut two half viy in each side of the soldering gun. Cover each layer of 50 turns with electrical tape to secure in place and then wind the next layer on top.

The only time they mention microcontroller that I notice is when they are generalizing the discussion to the overall idea of micro vs discrete logic.

DIY Coil Gun Redux: Life Really is Easier with Arduino

All inductance measurements were taken with the iron cores in place. If you use a momentary contact switch, make sure that it is normally open. The video points out the only real reason for using discreet cojlgun or an FPGA, and that is when the microcontroller cannot handle the speed requirement. In the video, coilgub functioning of the working model of the electromagnetic mass accelerator mobile test stand.


For example, the bugs about powering the coils on indefinitely would be solved by a one-shot timer at the trigger, which would enable power to the relevant circuits for the few milliseconds they actually need to be on and then turn it all off.

To prevent xoilgun two halves of the cores from touching when they are in place, three air gap spacers need to be constructed. It is more like a school project. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram tumblr pinterest youTube snapchat linkedin rss.

When this coilgu been done, find the capacitor, which would be a cylindrical thing, larger than most of the components in the circuit. The multiple coil design is intended to maximize projectile velocity. If I need to toggle a couple dozen pins at microsecond precision, I will find something else.

DIY coilgun gives clever hobbyists the risk of permanent injury

Coat all of the capacitor leads and solder connections with RTV silicon rubber or Plasti Dip for safety. The projectiles used in coil and rail guns are often referred to as armatures. As mentioned earlier, this is the very simplest version of a coil gun, relative to the materials avalable. Concept A coil gun typically consists of a coil s of copper wire similar to a solenoida capacitor bank, a transformer, a DC power source, a method of releasing the energy in the capacitors through the coil, and a projectile.

Help answer questions Learn more. If you are not experienced in the fabrication of such devices, then do not attempt to build this project.