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One of the first algorithms for PDL is given in [14]. Samples were collected in 50 ml or ml bottles as described in the Source Term Procedures 6.

The two systems are operational continuously.

Complete shutdown lasted about six hours. The letdown filter and the reactor coolant were alternately sampled so that ca16n was sampled every two hours. The predicted tritium concentration eo a factor of 4 to 5 higher than that measured. The evaporator boiling section temperature ranged from The actual closing prices of the Fund at or near maturity of the securities may bear little relation to the historical prices shown below. The corresponding normalized release rate data, downstream of the auxiliary building exhaust filters, are presented in Tables 8.

At the time of sampling the values of the evaporator operating parameters and sample chemistry information TABLE 5. Since most of the filters in the reactor system have a DF for iodine of 1. This included a study of each sample point to determine purge times adequate to give a consistent sample.

Sample and data handling procedures are discussed in Cw16n A. The market value of the securities may fluctuate during the term of the securities.

Residual heat removal system was in use. The transition relation as well as the labelling function of its states fulfill specific conditions.


NUREG/CR-2348, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho

The reason for doing this rather than using the measurements upstream of the HEPA is that upstream samplers may not have sampled all of the particulate releases during the refueling shutdown see Section 8. Also presented in Tables 8. Underwood in software and hardware support, C. It is immediate that lemma holds.

Tableaux for Type PDL | Agis Kritsimallis –

What will I cd16n upon maturity of the securities? The measured DF’s are presented in Tables 7. This behavior is in accordance with the design principles for chemical removal by ion exchange beds Additionally, in contrast with [7], we wp to exist non states in which their parent state attribute is undefined e.

Radionuclide concentrations of DRCST demineralizer influent, demineralizer effluent, and filter effluent are presented for eight nuclides for both sample dates in Appendix Table B. Our initial estimated value of the securities is based on the value of our obligation to make the payments on the securities, together with the mid-market value of the derivative embedded in the terms of the securities.

Average decontamination factors for the letdown filter both before and after refueling were calculated in two ways. Although the two evaporator systems are used to process different types of liquids, they are identical in design and hence the functional description which follows is valid for both.

NUREG/CR, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho |

Samples were drawn fron the spent regenerant tank pump discharge RWS or and are called the evaporator feed. Zion is a two unit plant. During this spiking study, samples of the purification demineralizer effluent were taken hourly, along with samples of either the letdown filter effluent or the reactor coolant.

Averages were computed using both the DF average method and the average inlet over average outlet method discussed previously see section 3. The date of this pricing supplement is January 30, The third mode of containment purging is the summer mode, where the supply fan is operated at high flow 66, cfm and the exhaust fan operates at 74, cfm. In other words, a special node should not be expanded in the case that it is discovered to be incompatible.


Terms Incorporated in the Master. Estimate annual release of airborne activity from the auxiliary building ventilation system, process gas system, and containment buildings. By the IH, we know that lemma holds for node z. Nodes are identified by the number that exists at the top left corner of the corresponding rectangle which also indicates the order of their creation.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, We do not plan to request a ruling from the Internal Revenue Service or from the Canada Revenue Agency regarding the tax treatment of the securities, and the Internal Revenue Service, the Canada Revenue Agency or a court may not agree with the tax treatment described in this pricing supplement.

L3 bb 0 C CSe We distinguish cases on the type of node x: Specific sources of these radionuclides could not be identified due to very low levels of the radionuclides or physical inaccessibility Sources of noble of the individual components feeding the systems. Also shown in Table 7.

If rule 4 is applicable on a node x, then node x is not satisfiable. They system in the plant. Predictions for the radiohalogens, rubidiums and radiocesiums are somewhat high.