Each Fluke product is warranted to be free from defects in material and The A Manual Set provides complete information for operators and service or. Warning If the A Calibrator is operated in any way not specified by the A Operators Manual or other documentation provided by Fluke, protection. View and Download FLUKE A operator’s manual online. Multi-Product Calibrator. A Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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All equipment specified for SC calibration must be calibrated, certified traceable if traceability is to be maintained, and operating within their normal specified operating environment. Make sure the Calibrator Mainframe impedance is set to 50 Q.

If the A Calibrator is sourcing one output, one parameter is required. See Appendix D for information on RS cables and connectors.

Adjusting the Leveled Sine Wave Harmonics Note This procedure should only be used for adjusting the leveled sine wave harmonics. Verify that the calibrator is in standby and connect the DMM as shown in Figure Resistance DC Offset Measurement. Calibrating the Voltage Amplitude on an Oscilloscope The oscilloscope voltage gain is calibrated by applying a low frequency square wave signal and adjusting its gain to meet the height specified for different voltage levels, designated by the graticule line divisions on the oscilloscope.

The Calibrator is operated under the conditions specified in Chapter 1. Page A Operator Manual Table Overload Measurement Specifications Table If the A is the location of the ground reference point in a system, this binding post can be used for connecting other instruments to earth ground.


Fluke Calculator A/COIL User Guide |

Flatness calibration of the high frequency band is made relative to 10 MHz. Factory defaults are shown underlined. Keep attempting this, moving closer and closer to the displayed pulse width, until the value is accepted. The A Service Manual contains a table of minimum use specifications for performing full verification. Ptft 0.

Hardware adjustments must be performed prior to calibration. DC Manuall Calibration Steps. You want to achieve the best combination of flatness and position. It uses discrete resistors and capacitors as references, with an amplifier in series.

At least pins 2, 3, and 5 need to be connected. Settling Time Less than 5 seconds for all functions and ranges except as noted. The base of the aberration should be 10 ns apart.

FLUKE 5500A Operator’s Manual

Program the Calibrator Mainframe to 5. The edge should cross the center line at two points, where it rises and falls, and these points should be 20 ns apart.

Check the voltage threshold levels on U Verification Tables Before the A Scope Cal Option leaves the Fluke factory, it is verified to meet its specifications at the following test points. Connections for Four-Wire Compensated Capacitance. Set the Calibrator Mainframe impedance to 50 Q. Page Temperature Degree Standard command Select the temperature standard ipts International Provisional Temperature Standard or its International Temperature Standardwhich is saved in the A non-volatile memory.


Page A Operator Manual 1. To order components directly from Fluke Corporation, call toll-free The TC type is set to the default at power on and reset. Input Impedance Mode Resistance.

Fluke a – Sc Multi-product Calibrator | eBay

TV Trigger Signal Specifications. Warming up the Calibrator When you turn on the A, allow a warm-up period of at least maual minutes for the internal components to stabilize. The safety ground wire is attached from the power module to the rear panel.

Repeat steps 6 until the Calibrator Mainframe display indicates that the next steps calibrate ac voltage. Readjust A90R36 and A90R35 to obtain equal amplitudes for ,anual first, second, and third aberrations.

Chapter 6 Remote Commands Contents Page Much of the SC can be calibrated interactively from the front panel. Remote commands for calibration are described at the end of this chapter.

Remove the four Phillips screws that fluie around the output block. For these signals, lock the HP A to the 1 V range.