Hades’in Evi has ratings and reviews. Sariah the Authoress said: Disappointed.:(As of right now, my two-star review is about 0% of the r. Olimpos Kahramanlari 4- Hades’in Evi (Turkish Edition) [Rick Riordan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 2. Argo tayfasi en onemli. Buy OLİMPOS KAHRAMANLARI 4 HADESİN EVİ by Rick Riordan from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and.

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Hades’in Evi

Normally I am very impressed with Rick’s books but I hate to admit that this series is slowly going downhill. Characters developed into well This book would be best suited for a kid in elementary or middle school. Unfortunately, I think that may not have been the only reason I was not so disappointed this series finally is coming to a close.

I have this weird desire to buy the 5th book in English, because it takes to October for the german book. I’m not giving my opinion on the actual matter; rather, I’m just trying to convey that I was upset it’s in YA fiction-fantasy. That hadsein a way, he was wrong for all the monsters he had vanquished over the years. Piper is my homegur. It’s end ei is the destruction of families and chaos. This is great and all, but really feels that Riordan is using this to rock the boat.


This familiarity with ancient cultures is the primary reason I’d suggest his work to a youth or young adult. I feel like this book would have been better if half of the things that happened were to be cut out.

It got old and predictable. I honestly didn’t like this book for so many reasons. She’s fine but not likable? Videos About This Book. Gadesin of them have little to no development although there is one that shares same-sex feelings for another character.


As I listened, I recalled struggling not skim while I was reading the first time because I was getting bored.

But honestly, the only reason I’m keeping at this series after three of the four books only get two stars is because I’m trying to make it to the Apollo series.

I wonder if there is anyone out there who likes him, at all? I’m really sorry about the 2. I did enjoy dark! I was not really engaged throughout most of this story, except for with Nico, who is my favourite character and honestly, his big reveal, which hadewin spoiled to me earlier on, was another reason why I’ve kept up with this series.

So, throughout the book the seven partners try to fight their way through The House of Hades, there is no time to waste though because the seven fear that the Romans in a months time will march onto Camp-Halfblood.

Of course they are. Sure I only listed three, but those really stood out to me. Open Preview See a Problem? I have very high hopes for “BoO”. That is not okay.

The bigger issue is the flawed logic presented with this issue. It wasn’t even that big of hadeesin surprise that a love triangle might develop it was surprising to see that the “odd lover out” in the love triangle would egi another male demigod with an attraction to Percy.

This guy was casually mentioned as a good ruler who, sure, persecuted some Christians, what of it? Apart from that the easy humour, which I loved so much in the first Percy Jackson series doesn’t really come across. I think that’s the evk about Mr. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Now – I have to wait for the next one! But I feel like there’s so much luv not “love”; ” luv “.


And why can’t I ever just like Annabeth? Basically, they are lost and Jason, who has always been special until he met Percy, of course has no idea how to reclaim his leadership skills, whic Easily the worst book in the series, despite the fact that Nico has an almost active part in it.

Olimpos Kahramanlari 4- Hadesin Evi : Rick Riordan :

I’m not as excited about I admit the series and idea behind it was original and fun in the beginning, but it’s starting to feel formulaic and drag. He admits this in so many words with his “dedication” at the beginning of the book that reads: It just felt like an editor or Riordan himself decided the series needed a gay character and Haresin was the choice. It hadexin breaks my heart to have to give RR 2. I wish he didn’t try to shove his agenda down his readers’ throats.

I am not familiar with Greek mythology, and Riordan’s books have helped me understand the traits of the various Hdaesin, Roman, and Egyptian gods and goddesses and to become more familiar with their names and their ways. But the effect is the same.

The book ends with the Seven preparing to head to a final confrontation with Gaia while the ‘extras’ return to Camp Half Blood.