ICC ANSI A117 1 2003 PDF

Trademarks: “ICC,” the International Code Council logo and “Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC/ANSI Al )” are trademarks of the. The edition of ANSI Standard A presented the first criteria for requirements and identify changes from the edition. . ICC/ANSI A Major changes/additions from ICC ANSI A – found in the edition of A 1. ICC ANSI. A – Section. ICC ANSI A –

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A clear floor space com- plying with Sectionpositioned for forward approach, shall be provided.

A clear floor space complying with Section shall be provided. In a Type B unit, where fixtures are located on both sides of the water closet, a swing-up grab bar complying x117 Sections Tactile characters shall be raised V 32 inch 0.

Terms specifically defined in a referenced standard, and not defined in this section, shall have the speci- fied meaning from the referenced standard. We have no document history for this standard. In detention or correction facilities, grab bars are not required to be installed iccc housing or holding cells or rooms that are specially designed without protrusions for purposes of suicide prevention.

State Building Code – ICC/ANSI A Code Interpretations

Where seats are provided, TTYs shall not be required to comply with Section Braille shall be below the cor- responding text. Accessible car and van parking spaces shall comply with Section The floor surface of wheel- chair space locations shall have a slope not steeper than 1: ANSI approved the edition on November 26, Alternate roll-in shower compart- ments shall have a clear inside dimension of 60 inches mm minimum in width, and 36 inches 91 5 mm in depth, measured at the cen- ter point of opposing sides.

In alternate roll-in showers with the controls and hand shower located on the back wall opposite the seat, the controls and hand shower shall be located within 15 inches mmleft or right, of the centerline of the seat.


Where the clear floor space is positioned for a forward approach, the alcove shall be 36 inches mm minimum in width where the depth exceeds 24 inches 61 mm. Grab bars complying with Sections Stair level identifi- cation signs in tactile characters complying with Section Door spring hinges shall be adjusted so that from the open posi- tion of 70 degrees, the door shall move to the closed position in 1.

The centerline of the water closet shall be 16 inches mm minimum to 18 inches mm maxi- mum from the side wall or partition.

ANSI A117.1 (2003): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

In trans- fer-type and alternate roll-in-type showers, the seat shall extend along the seat wall to a point within 3 inches 75 mm of the compartment entry. This standard is not included in any packages. Ramps not required to have handrails where curb ramp flares complying with Section Doors in series shall comply with Section The specifications in this standard make sites, facilities, buildings and elements accessible to and usable by people with such physical disabilities as the inability to walk, difficulty walking, reliance on walking aids, blindness and visual impairment, deafness and hearing impairment, incoordination, reaching and manipulation disabilities, lack of stamina, difficulty interpreting and reacting to sensory information, and extremes of physical size.

Accessible Routes tion The display screen shall comply with Section Other handrails shall comply with Sections Handrails, and any wall or other surfaces adjacent to them, shall be free of any sharp or abrasive elements. Accessible assistive listening sys- tems in assembly areas shall comply with Section Clearance between handrail gripping surface and adjacent surfaces shall be 1 V 2 inches 38 mm minimum.

Wheelchair accessible com- partments shall comply with Section A horizontal grab bar 12 inches mm minimum in length shall be provided on the head end wall at the front edge of the bathtub.


The clear floor space adjacent to the control switch shall be located beyond the arc of the door swing. Drinking fountains for standing persons. The requirement for knee and toe clear- ance shall not apply to a lavatory in a toilet and bathing facility for a single occupant, accessed only through a private office and not for common use or public use.

Where such island or cut-through median is less than 48 inches mm in depth, a b Fig. Sliding doors and folding doors shall have maneuver- ing clearances complying with Table Plumbing Elements and Facilities 2.

Elevator cars shall provide a clear floor area 36 inches mm minimum in width and 48 inches mm minimum in depth.

2003 ICC Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Handrails with a circular cross section shall have an outside diameter of 17 4 inches 32 mm minimum and 2 inches 51 mm maximum. Doors and sidelites adja- cent to doors containing one or more glazing panels that permit viewing through the panels shall have the bottom of at least one panel on either the door or an adjacent sidelite 43 inches mm maximum above the floor. An entry 36 inches 91 5 mm minimum in width shall be provided at one end of iccc inch mm width of the compartment. Minimum maneuvering clearances at doors idc comply with Section Each car shall automatically stop at a floor landing within a tolerance of V 2 inch 1 3 mm under 2003 loading to zero loading con- ditions.