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The ISO Central Secretariat accepts no liability in this area. International Standard ISO was prepared by the European Committee for. Buy KS B ISO Mechanical vibration — Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration — Part 2: Practical guidance. ISO MECHANICAL VIBRATION – MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION OF HUMAN EXPOSURE TO HAND-TRANSMITTED VIBRATION – PART 2.

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Whichever method is used for vibration measurement, the total exposure time per day has to be found. Guide pratique pour le mesurage 534-92 le lieu de travail. The corresponding Indian Standards, which are to be substituted in their respective places, are listed below along with their degree of equivalence for the editions indicated: ISOVibration and shock – Vocabulary.

Frequency analysis will also provide information on any dominant frequencies, 3549-2 harmonics, which may help to identify effective vibration control measures. It is common to find in many work situations – more than one vibrating power tooi is used, or – power tool with more than one mode of operation, each of which exposes the operator to different vibration magnitudes.

BS EN ISO 5349-2:2001+A1:2015

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. From September to October,measurement and spectral analysis were performed for 16 typical hand tools including percussion drill, pneumatic wrench, grinding machine, internal grinder, and arc welding machine in 6 workplaces for automobile casting and assembly according to ISO Mechanical vibration-Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted 5394-2 1: For example, work records might give very accurate information on the number of completed work items at the end of eachr day, but where there is more than one operator, or unfinished work items at the end of a shift, this information may not be directly applicable to a vibration exposure evaluation.

Exponential averaging should only be used where the vibration instrumentation does not allow linear averaging and the vibration signal is steady enough to allow a reliable evaluation of average vibration value. For continuously operating rotary or rotary percussive tools, the Hanning window function is often suitable. The operation may include changes in vibration magnitude, provided that they 5439-2 part of the normal working procedure.


Understanding Hand-Arm Vibration Hand-Arm Vibration is defined as the vibration 549-2 experience when using tools such as chain saws, jackhammers, ieo, drills, etc. Back to Top 8. The mechanical filter should not alter the frequency response characteristics of the measurement system in the frequency range of interest, i. Information on the fundamental resonance frequency will be available from the accelerometer manufacturer.

For very low impact rates, e.

The methods to be used will depend on the characteristics of the work environment, the work pattern and the vibration source. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

An Introduction to Hand/Arm Vibration

This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc: I shows examples of measurement locations for some common power tools. Metal or nylon straps have been successfully used. Back to Top 2. In addition to vibration magnitude 539-2 and the estimate of the number of bursts of vibration exposures per day, the evaluation of daily vibration exposure requires information on the measurement duration and the number of bursts of vibration during the measurement period.

Measurements directly under the hand are usually only possible using special mounting adaptors see annex D. The daily vibration exposure, Aiiis given by equatfon 1 which for a single exposure is: Therefore, the use of mechanical filters to prevent DC-shift is only necessary when using piezoelectric accelerometers.

Such adaptors should fit under the hand, or between the fingers. In general, care should be taken to ensure that any cable connections are secure and that the cables have not been damaged in any way.

To investigate the features of hand-transmitted vibration of common vibration tools in the workplace for automobile casting 55349-2 assembly.

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Attention is particularly drawn to the following: Accelerometers should be fitted with their direction io minimum transverse sensitivity aligned to the percussive axis to minimize any effect due to rotational motion. C Standard—The test code that was used for the vibration test typically undertaken and provided by the manufacturer of the tool. Examples of this type of operation are levelling a large area using a vibrating plate tamper, floor polishing and ride-on lawn mowers.

Therefore, values of A S should not normally be presented with more than two significant figures.


For difficult surfaces, individually moulded adaptors may be suitable. The estimated vibration total value will therefore be 1,7 times the measured single-axis vibration value. The grinder is therefore operated for a total 3549-2 s in each work cycle i. The mounting system should be securely fitted to the vibrating surface, and all fixings should be carefully checked before and after measurement.

Currently, there is no generally accepted way to convert the vibration emissions measurement reported by tool manufacturers into vibration exposure. Praxisgerechte Anleitung zur Messung am Arbeitsplatz. Measurements of very short duration e. The pattern of vibration exposure is similar to that shown in Figure E. Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration. Comparative measurements with and without the mechanical filter on a power tool which does not produce DC-shift can be used to assess the frequency response of a mechanical filter.

Vibration effects human bodyHealth and safety requirements, Hands anatomyOccupational safety, Vibration, Ergonomics, Vibration measurement, Vibration hazards, Safety measures. Measuring and calculating the value of actual vibration exposure, also known as A 8 Back to Top 4.

An Introduction to Hand/Arm Vibration – National Instruments

In addition to vibration magnitude information, the evaluation of daily vibration exposure requires an evaluation of the duration of exposure to vibration per day. Unfortunately, continuous exposure to mechanical vibration ido lead to serious injury. Where single-axis measurements are to be used, the single axis shall be the dominant axis. In general the type test standards identify only one measurement location and axis.

The faster, easier way to work with standards. Some analogue and some digital recording systems use data compression techniques to minimize the space taken by the data; these techniques should be avoided, unless it can be shown that such systems do not lose signal information. However, in the case of small rotary angle sanders and polishers, where the motor housing is intended to be held, the housing shall be treated as a handle.

Certain conventions are, however, not identical to those used in Indian Standards.