Buy Thirtynothing First Edition by Lisa Jewell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Editions. Thirtynothing . Lisa Jewell on how she got her first novel published. 26 October /content/dam/prh/articles/archive/lisa-jewell-the. Extracts. Thirtynothing by Lisa Jewell – book cover, description, publication history.

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Upon reflection as I write this it has also given me a sense hope. Nursing his hangover he goes to his best-friend since school Nadine. Like many of my favourite books, I started quite slowly until I really got into the story and then ended up reading the last two hundred pages or so within the space of a day.

Plume- Fiction – pages. An excellent use of dual narrative makes both of them seem very real, and flashbacks are incorporated neatly throughout in a very natural way which is hard to find elsewhere.

The dialogue actually sounds like authentic spoken language although sometimes the characters do tend to make too-long speeches and there are some memorable lines.

Sep thirtynotuing, Bridget Bailey rated it liked it. To read the rest of this review, please visit Trashionista Jewsll by Lisa Jewell Goodreads Author.

One Comment on “Thirty Nothing”. Thirtynothing A novel by Lisa Jewell. They were once exceptional friends and this could have developed into something more that developed over time and as they grew up, but didn’t.

This is what happens to Dig Ryan on the day of his thirtieth birthday. A buoyant novel about friendship, lust, growing up, and growing older, thirtynothing is sure to delight fans of Ralph’s Party and to win this hip, thirtysomething author a wealth of new readers. Dig, who was a complete cleanness freak put so easily up with Delilah, his first love who kind of used him.


After a decade of failed romances they decide to get their lives together and find their perfect mates.

Apr 30, Kate rated it it was ok. I also thirttnothing two step children aged twenty one and seventeen so family life is never dull. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Get in touch We’d like to hear from you.

Thirty Nothing by Lisa Jewell – book review ยป Curious Book Fans

Overall though it is a very uplifting and enjoyable book to read and I loved it. It is rather predictable, and I really wasn’t enjoying the “present Ok I wasn’t really into reading this one at the start, it must have been been sitting in my cupboard for a few years when I found it – I vaguely remember buying it with one of those bulk buy book club deals a long time ago, and then promptly misplacing it. I found the characters’ actions hard to believe; their motivations for doing rash and unbelievably foolish things were weak.

At times the characters also seemed a bit far-fetched – yet I still enjoyed it. All of a sudden the former best friends quite agree on anything especially when Nadeen decides to meet up with her former love, Phil, an extremely suitable character.

Nadine, she did end up doing what she loved and thanks to her photogr Story: As there wasn’t much else of interest to read I read it. Books by Lisa Jewell. I would say, if you liked “Bridget Jones”, you might like this book. They used to be best friends at school, but drifted apart when Dig started going out with the beautiful Delilah. However I have read quite a few of Lisa Jewell’s books and especially compared to some of her later novels this feels quite clunky. Refresh and try again.


There is a lot of graphic sex, profanity, references to drugs and alcohol. It was sassy British fiction and romantic comedy ala Bridget Jone’s Diary.

I read Lisa Jewell’s second novel, Thirtynothing,when it was released in I also manage to work three days for a local education authority where I support the teaching of literacy in primary schools. K read, but not something I’d recommend. Perhaps confessing how they truly feel about each other.


There were a couple of painful scenes that I found either difficult to take or found myself deeply cringing as I read them.

You might find yourself feeling unexpectedly jealous and you might do something really childish like phoning your first love and asking him out, just to get your own back. What a fun book! Can they get back their friendship or might they come to realise that they want even more than that? Newsletters Subscribe to our newsletter: