Shallot seed treatment by Trichoderma agents was intended to improve merupakan salah satu sayuran penting dengan berbagai manfaat. EFEKTIVITAS PELET BIOFUNGISIDA Trichoderma harzianum MENGENDALIKAN Fusarium sp. PENYEBAB PENYAKIT REBAH SEMAI PADA BIBIT TANAMAN. (Feedstuff Quality Improvement of Broiler Chicken with Two-Steps Fermentation by Trichoderma reseei and Saccaromyces cerevisiae). ABSTRAK. The aim of.

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Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui peran Trichoderma sp dalam pengendalianpenyakit layu fusarium pada tanaman tomat. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Trichodermasp berperan dalam mengendalikan penyakit layu Sebagai Agens Pengendali Fusarium Spp.

Layu yang disebabkan oleh Fusarium spp. Penelitian bertujuan untuk mempelajari potensi Trichoderma spp.

Isolat cendawan dimurnikan, dikarakterisasi, dan dibandingkan dengan isolat c Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Tiap perlakuan terdiri atas 10 ulangan. Intensitas penyakit diamati dengan sistem scoring 1—4 terhadap kelayuan daun. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Trichoderma sp. Mekanisme penghambatan berupa hiperparasitisme. Lisis hifa Foc terjadi pada tempat persinggungan antara hifa Foc dan hifa Trichdoerma sp.

Hasil pengujian di rumah kaca menunjukkan bahwa penyakit layu Fusarium dapat dihambat dengan pemberian Trichoderma sp. Uji Antagonis Trichoderma harzianum Terhadap Fusarium spp. Infection of Fusarium spp. The aims of this study were to determine: The study was conducted fr Kedua faktor terdiri dari 4 taraf yaitu: Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa secara fisul pertumbuhan bibit pisang yang baik diantara 4 jenis yang diteliti ditunjukkkan oleh pisang Barangan namun secara statistika tidak berbeda dengan pisang 3 jenis pisang tricjoderma.

Namun pemberian trichoderma sampai umur 4 bulan belum memeperlihatkan pertumbuhan dan intensitas serangan yang berbeda nyata, sehingga harus diperpanjang masa penelitian menjadi 6 Bulan. Jenis pisang tidak berpengaruh terhadap pertumbuhan dan Intensitas serangan layu fusarium.

Full Text Available Tomato has an important role to fullfil the nutrition of society. The most important problem in the cultivation msnfaat tomatoes is fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum it will attacking the plants from nursery to adult. The success of VAM infection in plants is determined grichoderma the dose and the inoculation.

The aim of this research is to determine the effect of dose and mixture VAM inoculation to against the emergence of fusarium wilt in tomato plants and to determine the dosage mixture VAM inoculation as the most effective way for controlling fusarium wilt mancaat tomato plants. The method of this research used experimental with completely randomized design. Each treatment was repeated 3 times and each test are three plants. The parameters was observed the incubation period of the disease and the intensity of fusarium wilt as the main parameter and the measurement of pH, temperature, humidity room, and the degree of infection as supporting parameters.

Fusarium wilt caused trichodeerma Fusarium oxysporum will decrease melon crop production. One of controlling method to Fusarium wilt diseases on melon plants which safe for trichoverma by using biological control.

Each treatment was repeated 3 times and each unit consist of three plant, so there are 30 units of experiments or 90 plants. The main variabels are observed consist of manaat incubation mabfaat of the disease and the intensity of fusarium wilt and the supporting variabels consist of pH, temperature, humidity, and the scale of infection. Full Text Available The aims of the research were to determine the best organic matter as carrier for growth and increasing the density of Trichoderma viride strain TV-T1sk TV-T1sk and its influence on Fusarium wilt disease development on banana seedling.


This research consisted of two experiments, trkchoderma. Propagule density after introduction to banana rhizosphere was determined by observing TV-T1sk propagul from the rizosphere of banana seedling. The influence of density on Fusarium wilt disease development was determined by incubation period, the percentage of symptomized leaves and the intensity of corm damage.

The use of antagonism fungus of Trichoderma sp. The aim of the research was to know the effectiviness ofantagonism fungus of Trichoderma sp. The research used manfaat RAK random group design with eight treatments: Full Text Available Fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. Until today this disease has not been successfully controlled. Fusaric acid is a toxin produced by Foc. Tyloses produced in xylem that caused wilting and yellowing of banana plants, inhibit soil nutrition and water stream.

The study carried out previously showed manfzat enriched fusaric acid in banana culture induced the resistance of banana seedlings against Foc. The signal of induced resistance increased the phenolic compounds.

One of the phenolic compounds is salicylic acid. The aim of this study was to detect induced resistance of banana plant from tissue cultured enriched with fusaric acid. The experiment was done in the field highly infected with Foc. Observation of resistance was done by measuring disease percentage of yellowing and wilting leaves. Tyloses produced in xylem was observed microscopically from cross section of root.

Root damage intensity was counted using tyloses mahfaat. Salicylic acid content of root was analyzed with phenolic compounds method using HPLC. The results showed that banana plants from enriched tissues culture with 1. Salicylic acid was only detected at low concentration 2 ppb in moderate resistant banana roots from induced plants with 9.

The chromatogram showed three peaks of unknown phenolic compounds. Tyloses intensity was not related with induced resistance of banana against fusarium wilt. Advanced research is needed with more plants samples. It was suggested to identify the phenolic compounds which were detected in induced resistant plant. Gejala berupa kelayuan daun karena tersumbatnya xilem karena pembentukan. Sebagai Biofungisida Patogen Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. Full Text Available A research was conducted to isolate Streptomyces sp.

Implementation phases of the research consisted of isolation andidentification of Streptomyces sp, test the inhibition against F. Furthermore, sterile soil in polybagwatered by Fusarium spores and Streptomyces culture at the same time. Based on morphologicalcharacteristic it found five isolates of Streptomyces sp. The antagonist test showed Streptomyces sp. All Streptomyces suppressed thegrowth of Fusarium on tomato plants in glass house p Penggunaan Streptomyces sp.

Full Text Available A research has been conducted to find out Streptomyces bacteria at Bukit Jimbaran, to inhibitionpotency of Streptomyces sp. Identification of Streptomyces sp. Test inhibition against F. The result found five isolates Streptomyces sp.



The antagonis test showed Streptomyces sp. Penggunaan Jamur Antagonis Trichoderma sp. Supervised by Lisnawita and Lahmuddin Lubis. The aim of the research was to know the effectiveness of antagonism fungus of Trichoderma sp.

Full Text Available The objective of the study is to determine the potence of natural agent, a mmushroom of Gliocladium sp. Cubense and their effect to the growth of the in-vitro cultured banana plant Musa paradisiaca L. Thiswas conducted in the experimental farm of Agriculture Faculty, University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, in the period of June to December This research is a single experiment using Randomized Completely Block Design. The treatment was the administration of Gliocladium sp. Based on the result of data analysis, it is proved that the treatment of natural agents of Gliocladiumsp mahfaat Pseudomonas fluorencenshas induced the plants resistance against the withering disease of Fusarium Oxysporumf.

Cubense in the banana, as it is indicated by the increase of phenol compounds, i. However, the treatment has no significant effect on the plant growth either on their leaves or their stalk diameter. Trichoderrma dengan Trichoderma SP. The aim of this research was to study the inhibiting ability of Trichoderma sp.

Trichoderma by Gumbira Wangsaputra on Prezi

The experiments consisted of the antagonism test between Trichoderma sp. First factor of the latter experiment was the dose of Trichoserma sp.

Full Text Available Induced resistance of Ambon Kuning cultivar banana seedling to fusarium wilt with antagonistic fungi. A research aiming at knowing the effect of antagonistic fungi supernatant on banana induced resistance, Fusarium wilt development, and banana growth was carried out from July up to December Randomized Block Design was used with four replicates.

Treatments tested were control, with supernatant of Gliocladium virens, Trichoderma harzianum isolated from banana, ginger, and ginseng, Trichoderma koningii, and Fusarium equiseti, applied by injection to banana seedling manfaay and soaked for five minutes.

Variables observed were incubation period, disease severity, Foc population density, germination inhibition, growth component, phenolic compound content, and supporting component. Result of the research indicated that the supernatant of Manvaat.

The supernatant of all antagonistic fungi could effectively control the disease showed by lengthening incubation mznfaat as The extract could improve the seedling growth. Fusarium wilt disease is a main constraint in passion fruit productivity that spread in Tricuoderma, especially in some main area at Karo Regency, Nort Sumatera. Attacking of wilt disease caused plant died. Therefore, the interest of farmer to study about plantation of passion fruit is be lessen. The objectives of this research were: Wilt disease in pepperhas led to a total yield loss in Banjarangkan, Klungkung regency.