If I need to do that manually, is it safe to just add new ids or will the We indeed don’t propose to import mailings from jNews/acajoom but you. This tutorial will show step by step guide on how to Upgrade you Acajoom to jNews. Documentation: Support. acajoom. (1 viewing) (1) Guest. Support forum for users using free JoomSEF Otherwise you’ll probably need to fix it manually using phpMyAdmin or similar.

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Before updating your site to Joomla 2. Remember me Forgot your password?

Site URL where Acajoom is installed 3. Keyword Search by Keyword: Hello, You will be under the same server restrictions using AcyMailing so the “could not instantiate mail function” will come up too. You may directly want to configure AcyMailing to use the automatic only process: I installed Acymailing a week ago, I’m amazed by its functionality and easy of use.

Acajoo switched from JNews and loved your import function.

From about November on we got problems since Siteground seemed to limit e-mail outflow to per hour. Please log in to post a reply.


Could some acajoom my problems be resolved by using Acymailing especially CRON job and handling of e-mails that cannot be instantiated? Are you planning to implement an import function or do I need to manually append those mailings to the database. Very nice and clean interface so far!

Upgrade Acajoom – Joobi Community Forum – Joobi

We don’t recommend sendmail at all because in mmanual of cases AcyMailing won’t have a direct answer from the mail server and so AcyMailing won’t be able to know if the e-mail has been really delivered or not it depends on the server configuration. It got worse every week. I read many pages acajooom Acymailing and installed the Starter version.

You can easily copy your existing newsletters that was imported from Acajoom. Especially for new subscribers some of that old information is still interesting.

Importing Acajoom Data to jNews

Step—4 Just click the Import Acajoom Data button to trigger the import. We send out a Newsletter every week to about e-mail addresses.

Nevertheless, AcyMailing handles such cases and automatically stops the send process if it detects you can not send e-mails any more. So no extra hassle. If acajooom use AcyMailing, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla!

Related Links Install jNews. Never got to work. All lists from ACAjoom could easily be imported.


Sunday, 17 February Posted in: So I’m desperately looking for another Newsletter-Component. That way, you won’t lose any message and will be able automatically or not depending on your version to safely resume the send process. So far it looks promising. Dear guests, as of now, our forum is inactive. Please have a look at our official documentation before posting a new message! You can send your request on this page. First I used it on Joomla 1.

Please have a look at our official documentation before posting a new message!

Powered by Kunena Forum. Now, I would like to transfer my mailings archive to Acymailing.

AcyMailing Enterprise is paid, delivered and installed. Pour toutes vos demandes merci de vous rendre sur cette page. Pour toutes vos demandes merci de vous rendre sur cette page. The only thing you can do is to re-send the whole list and still miss some subscribers or upset some because they mqnual receive the newsletter twice.